Birdhouse Gourd Update – First Flower!


After a few days away from the Garden, I have some catching up to do. Mostly in regards to weeding. So this evening, after work, I decided to get some garden work done… And I will have a much overdue update for you in the next couple days.

When I walked into the greenhouse, I was greeted with this beautiful little flower! (Sorry for the photo, my iPhone was having a hard time focusing on the white flower, and I was having a hard time telling if it was in focus or not due to the scratched screen)


There is only one flower at the moment, but a few more little buds. Although, I think they are all male flowers. Hopefully we get some female ones, so there will be hope of actual gourds! I’ll keep you updated!

As for the plants, they are doing well and putting on a lot of growth. Both are nearly 4 feet tall now.

Previous Updates: Sown, Sprouted, True Leaves, Potted Up, and Planted Out.





2 thoughts on “Birdhouse Gourd Update – First Flower!

  1. When I planted a row of these several years ago, I harvested an entire Hefty bag of gourds, all sizes, so you should get a good crop if the soil is rich and you water through the dry times.

    Hint: make sure the gourds can hang freely as they grow if you want straighter necks. For crooked ones, tuck them into the vine at an angle when they’re tiny babies so the bulk of the mass is supported and not pulled down (you can make little slings out of old pantyhose tied to whatever the vine is climbing). Don’t let any gourds touch the ground, because rotten.

    Leave ’em on the vine until it looks like it’s gonna freeze in the fall, then bring them into the garage or basement and just stand them there to dry. It’s okay if they look like ass, you can clean them later. When they rattle, they’re ready. You can find lots of sites online instructing how to clean, cut, and seal them (it can get messy).

    Haven’t decided what mine will become yet but I’m leaning in the direction of a tree of birdhouses or a string of luminaries using Christmas lights.

    1. Thanks for all the tips! I’m assuming they are pollinated the same as Zucchini (Male/Female flowers). I will be a bit spoiled because they are in the greenhouse, so I can give them the time they need to actually develop if our winter hits in September

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