Birdhouse Gourd Update – Potted Up!

I finally got around to potting up the Birdhouse Gourds on April 25.


I took a little while to make a decision on what to pot them up into. I thought about using some deep large pots (that roses or fruit bushes come in – My wonderful boyfriend saves me these when they work on landscaping jobs where they put plants in). I ultimately decided against them, and in favor of smaller peat pots for 2 reasons:
1) Most squash/gourds don’t appreciate much root disturbance. While the larger pots would give the plants WAY more room, when I plant them out into the greenhouse, I will end up disturbing the roots. In a peat pot I won’t have this problem, I can just put it into the ground.
2) I am lazy. I already had the large peat pots in my kitchen where I have the plants growing. The large pots are out in the shed, and they still need to be cleaned.



I will let them get at least one more set of true leaves, and then I will probably move them out to the greenhouse to get on with their lives. Hopefully we will end up with some gourds to show for all of this.


They have come a long way, in a relatively short time:

Sown: March 30

Sprouted: April 8

True Leaves: April 19

Potted Up: April 25

Next up: Potting OUT (in the greenhouse)


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