Birdhouse Gourd experiment

Around the seed racks at almost every store are the little jiffy cups for kids. There are watermelon, pumpkin, sunflowers and a few other kinds.

I couldn’t resist and grabbed the Birdhouse Gourd one. Unfortunately the directions are basically non existent.


Since the packaging was “so helpful”, I did a little research online about how to grow them. They need a long warm/hot growing season…which we don’t exactly have here. Hopefully it is successful in our greenhouse. I haven’t heard of anyone I know being able to get these to be actual plants, so this is a true experiment. If you can give me any tips and tricks for these, I would very much appreciate it… And could pass it onto my friends with kids who were unsuccessful with these plants… Gardening isn’t as fun for kids when the plants don’t even grow.

Sowed the seed on March 30. I will update as things need updating.



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