Hot Peppers for 2017

On March 6, in the midst of a deep freeze outside, I finally gave in and stuck seeds into dirt. I decided to skip the Habaneros this year. I also cut out the Jalapenos again. They grew so well two years ago, but I found that I did not use them as much as I had planned. So I’m using the space I would have used on Jalapenos and add some more Cayenne, which will be dried and used as spice for food.

I sowed (on March 6th):

  • 6 peat pellets of ‘Long Red Cayenne Slim’
  • 2 peat pellets of ‘Kung Pao Hybrid’
  • 2 peat pellets of ‘Seranno’
  • 2 peat pellets of ‘Hungarian Wax’

The Serrano was the first to poke its head up, followed closely by the Hungarian Wax and Kung Pao…

Then nothing from the Cayenne. I waited until the 15, and still no sign of life. In the meantime, I added some of the seeds from the same packet into a wet paper towel with bottom heat (same as the peppers), and still nothing. Usually you can see the seeds plump up a bit, and start to send out their root within a few days. All of these seeds had nothing.

So I splurged on a new pack of seeds. I sowed them in 6 peat pellets on the 17th (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!). I kept my fingers crossed these new ones will germinate because the Cayenne is my favourite, and ultimately the most useful for me.

On the 27th, the new Cayenne had started sprouting. Finally! Out of the entire old pack of cayenne (including the germination test), 1 seed sprouted, out of at least 30. So disappointing! I’m glad that I bit the bullet and got the new pack. (This is also why I start my peppers and tomatoes a little early, so I have some time to play catch up with a new attempt)

(Still on the 27th…) The Serrano, Hungarian and Kung Pao are nearly ready to get potted up. They all have their first true leaves, so I will get to potting them up in the next few days. I’ll save that for it’s own update post.

Thank you, as always, for reading. If you have any tips/tricks or helpful advice share it in the comments.

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I just made that way more complicated than it actually is.


Update on the Peppers (2016)

My peppers are growing really well, and just like the herbs the other day, I thought it was time for a little update about them. Apart from general updates, I haven’t written about my peppers for a while, so it was about time.

All these Peppers were potted up into party cups. I usually use home made newspaper pots, but last year, I found that they started to deteriorate when they were used for a few months. For things that were only in the pots for a few weeks, they work great, but less so for things like peppers and tomatoes.

  • Hungarian Hot Wax
  • Habanero
  • Cayenne
    • sowed: March 2
    • potted up: April 1
    • despite the slow start on germination, these are growing well now. I was shooting for 6 plants, but I’m at 4 now. Which is probably more than enough for me anyway.
  • Big Dipper Green Peppers
  • Seranno


Okay, so you can’t really tell the difference in size in the photos above… The Habanero’s are small and compact, and are the only ones I still have under the lights. The Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers are the largest. The others are all about the same size, and all in my South West window now. They live on my desk, and this room is probably the warmest in the house. This is helping my space situation, as I can transition the flowers and herbs to my kitchen window until outside warms up enough. The next problem will be once the tomatoes start really taking off. But I’ll save the rest of this ramble for my April Update at the end of the month.

Are you growing peppers this year? What varieties have you gone for?

Peppers for 2016

I grew Cayenne Peppers on a whim in 2013, and successfully in 2014. They have become one of my very favourite and possibly one of the least labour intensive things that I grow. And probably the only real standby varieties that I pick. There is no question in my mind at this time of year that I will be growing Cayenne Peppers. Using my own home-grown Cayenne Pepper (and pepper flakes) in my cooking throughout the winter was fun and a real sense of pride. AND because they are a hot pepper, the bugs seem to avoid it. All you really need to do is keep them watered and then harvest your crop. It is kind of a gateway plant to growing your own spices and I can’t recommend it enough.

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Early June Pepper Update (2015)

Since I shared an update on the tomatoes, I wanted to get one up on the peppers too. I had a little disaster with some of the sweet peppers, but I do have some left. My adorable little tailless Manx cat Ekki, thought it was a good idea to chew the leaves of the ‘Cabernet’ and the ‘California Wonder’ pepper seedlings, and then I forgot to water them, so they died before getting potted up last time. But we still have 4 bell pepper plants left to hopefully get at least one pepper from! There is still hope in my bell pepper goals.

‘Big Dipper’

These did not get chewed on (much) by the cats, and neglected by me, so things are going great! I should have got them in bigger pots and supported them a little earlier, but they are making due. These have tiny little flower buds starting as you can see.


These are also doing great. Their stems seem to be a little sturdier than ‘big dipper’ but that is the only real difference I have noticed between the 2 so far… that and the lack of little flower buds on this variety.

Now to the Hot Peppers:

This little guy is doing great! It stood up to the frosts in the greenhouse, which was pretty amazing to me. It is in a smaller pot stacked into the pot of the Mortgage Lifter tomato. This should just help with drainage.. And space saving.

Kung Pau

These are doing well, and hopefully we’ll see some more vigorous growth once we get some sun shinning again.


These survived early Ekki attacks, and the greenhouse frosts, and you wouldn’t even be able to tell. I am so impressed with the peppers this year, they have been very strong through all the weather and location changes.

Cayenne pepper

These may be my favourite of the peppers. I already have a baby fruit set, so you know I will be out everyday seeing how much growth it puts on. And even now, I’m still amazed at how well they do outside with little to no protection from our moody weather. The Cayenne pepper is the only one not currently residing on Tomato Island… But will move there as soon as I get the ambition to move them and some of the tomatoes. They will be in the way of the Patio construction where they are, so need to get moved before they get too comfortable where they are.

Well, that’s all the peppers. I will try and update again once we get more fruit set, as long as they survive our weird weather to get to that next stage. Sorry for the lack of pictures on the Jalapeño, Colossal and Habanero, but I didn’t have any worth uploading. Next update will be more interesting anyway, and I’ll try and make sure to add pictures of each one then.

Sowing the Hot Peppers


This year, I decided to grow Cayenne and Jalapenos again. I had an awesome crop of them both last year, and I am excited to have some fresh peppers again this year.

I also wanted to give the Habanero a shot again this year. I did have one pepper off one plant last year, so I would like to try for more this year.

As for trying something new, I picked up some “Kung Pao Hybrid” Hot Pepper seed by Burpee.

Hopefully they all grow well and I can protect them from any hail storms we have this year.

I also have some Hungarian Hot Wax peppers that I may start later. I grew them last year, and intended to pickle some… but life was crazy. Maybe this year will be a do-over on the pickled pepper front.

Do you have any suggestions for hot peppers for me to try? So far on my list is Joe’s Long, Prairie Fire, and Hot Lemon. I just need to get my hands on the seed.

One last thing… after sowing the seed… don’t touch your eyes… even if you wash your hands 3 times… I am going to go ahead and blame the Habanero seed on my current watering eye.

So these were started on February 28… I’ll be trickling the tomatoes out soon.