Patio Progress

The biggest benefit of now being unemployed is that I finally have time to catch up on everything that I just ran out of energy to do. Just like a real grown up. (And one of the things I plan on catching up on is this blog… just let me get through the next few weeks, because this year has been overflowing with loss and disappointment and I am still working on getting my feet back under myself).

And the weather has been incredible for NOVEMBER. November is typically the coldest most miserable month around here. Mother Nature really gets into Winter around this time. But not this year. Seriously, last week it was 20 degrees (Celsius) out, and we were working in T-shirts.

So You know that Patio I’ve been talking about for the last two years… We have finally started working on it. And as it stands as I write this, we got the minimum we wanted done before winter. There is still a lot left to do, but we have got the worst of it out of the way. We think we have the drainage problems corrected. Before, everything ended up draining into our garage. Now, we have built the low corner (by our garage door) up over 6 inches, and totally adjusted where and how things drain… The majority of the water (and especially melting snow) is now being directed to my garden beds, and down to the front street (just not through the garage anymore).

We still have to finish it, but the massive pile of bricks in our front yard is slowing trickling down. And I have a little excuse to get some exercise carrying them to the back yard. I can’t wait to take pictures next spring, Because hopefully, there will be clematis climbing up that garage wall and looking fantastic… Hopefully.