Where You Can Find Me

Like my blog? Have some tips for me? A good joke?

Facebook: The Crafty Cultivator (There is a sidebar link)

Twitter: @CraftyCultivate

Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/thecraftycultivator

Pinterest: Kendy24

Instagram: wlizardbreath

Google+ : I have no idea… but I think you can search through email (below)

email: thecraftycultivator AT gmail DOT com

You can also, follow my blog via RSS feed, or by email, OR if you are a fellow wordpress blogger, you can hit the follow button up at the top of the screen. Any and all would be amazing! You can also “like” each one of my posts as well.

I would also appreciate tips on how to make my blog better, So constructive criticism would be appreciated – especially if you have a blog that I like!

Facebook and Instagram are probably the best ways to get bonus content. I use them the most, and am therefore, more likely to post updates and random pictures/goings on.


Ps: What do you call an Alligator in a Vest?   (an Investigator!)

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