I’m bad at being a garden-blogger. It’s the height of summer, my tomatoes are growing amazingly, I’ve had handfuls of raspberries, my hollyhocks I started from seed last year are blooming like crazy (even though they are all butter-yellow I’m still obsessed with them), I have cooked a few meals with fresh herbs that overwintered, and eaten a mountain of fresh peas (I even shared some of them!)… and I haven’t written a word of it here.

Like seriously, the last thing I talked about was squishing caterpillars. Speaking of, the Delphiniums are bouncing back! They aren’t their usual 6 feet tall, and amazingly full towers of blossoms, but there are some flowers, and there is a lot of life!


I will legitimately try and get some posts written. I’m impressed with my garden so far this year. Things I sowed from seed last year and flowering and I’m just amazed at how bountiful my lazier approach this year has been.

Sweet Potatoes!! They are loving our HOT (AF) Summer.
Potential Pumpkin!! 😀
Raspberries. These take me back to childhood. My grandma and her neighbour had a raspberry patch between their houses and I remember picking raspberries with my grandma…
Tomatoes!!!!! No squirrel thieves in this area of the yard
Serrano Chillies
‘Black Beauty’ Zucchini

Still Alive

Okay, it has been well over a month since I posted ANYTHING here. I am sorry about it, since it is kind of the time of year where I have tons of things growing and all the gardening enthusiasm forever. However… I’ve been going pretty non-stop with making things which keeps me away from gardening. (You can check out the Etsy Shop here to see some of the things!) This was a benefit a little earlier, when I didn’t allow myself to start sowing a million seeds. It’s all fine when they are seeds but then they grow and need potting up and then take up triple the space. Space that I do not have. Plus my creative brain gets to be happy and just do as it pleases.

But it meant that I severely neglected my blog. I tried to think of a schedule that I could try and follow for posts here… but I know myself better than that, and would end up apologizing infinitely for not meeting promises of posts because I got distracted. So instead, I’m just going to do what I kind of already do, and just write when the mood strikes. That might mean I write 4 posts in a day and then schedule them, or it might mean (unfortunately) going weeks between posts. I will try to keep it regular, but sometimes it can’t be helped, and me apologising every few weeks is pretty lame.

I wanted to pop in and show you that I legit do have things going on in the garden. So here are some photos:

Rhubarb is taking off! I hope to use more of it this year.

I rescued some raspberries from a garden that was getting a complete makeover. I wish I had grabbed more of them, as I have room for at least 4 more plants. I’m hopeful these fruit on old wood, and I’ll get a harvest this year from them.

Strawberries are looking good. I still need to figure out how to keep the squirrels off of them.

The Sweet Williams that I sowed last year survived winter and I cannot wait to see them this year. They are for my grandpa.

I bought myself a rose for my Birthday. Partly because it is white and I love white roses, and partly because of its name: “Iceberg”. As you can also see, the delphiniums are growing like crazy too. I even divided them and you can hardly tell I took away anything.

Spring onion patch. These just keep coming back so I leave them. I get fresh Spring onion, the bees get a flower they like, and I get fresh seed. Behind them I sowed the Garlic I had left from my crop last year. They are just starting to poke their heads up now. In the back corner of the photo, in front of the orange bag (full of leaves im going to use for mulch and the compost like), are poppies that survived winter! I’m pretty excited for them and hope they are as beautiful as I’ve imagined in my head.

Both my Taragon and Sage survived winter (in ground-not containers)! Possibly the Thyme, and Oregano too, but I’ll wait til June to decide if they legit survived or not.

I sowed this Lupin from seed! I’m glad to see it survived because my big beautiful one was completely destroyed by aphids last year. A second one also survived as well!

And I started digging everything and getting it ready for planting! AND as you can see in the top left, one hollyhock survived the winter, so keep your fingers crossed for me that the flowers are as beautiful as I remember my grandma’s being.

Ps. My clematis died, so if I still have clematis dreams I’ll have to get yet another new plant.

Change of Plans…

After some long thought on the subject, I decided to give up my community garden plot. I was all gung-ho for it. But the effort required to keep it up, along with my own backyard garden, and anything else I take on this summer… It just needed to be dropped. The garden site is on the opposite side of the city, and during high traffic times, it takes me far too long to get over there. If I didn’t have backyard space, It would have been a higher priority. Spending over half an hour in traffic to get to the site, and then again to get back home… Not my idea of a good time.

Especially with zero hail resistance, and nasty perennial weeds on the paths.

Now the question is… Where am I going to grow my massive amounts of carrots?


22 Days til Christmas – Pet Friendly Decorating



Since this is the time of the month where the majority of people start their Christmas decorating, I thought it would be an opportune time to mention some pet friendly tips. These are probably about the same as if you have a toddler running around too… Just avoid problems in the first place, rather than scrambling on what to do when your overly curious dog gets into the Christmas decorations.


I’ll start with the Obvious:

Avoid Tinsel – It is shinny and cats love to try and eat things that could kill them. So If you have cats, don’t have tinsel. I would use the same rule for dogs that like to get into everything.

Avoid Glass Ornaments – I know they say that they are shatter-proof, but its a lie. Stick to anything that isn’t going to potentially bury itself into the bottom of your foot when it gets knocked off the tree by an excited tail, or a curious cat.

Keep Cords for lights contained-Dogs might chew them, or get tangled in them while playing. Cats might play with them, and nobody wants their pet to get electrocuted or start a fire at the holidays (or ever).

Poinsettias are Poisonous

So are Amaryllis

…and Holly

…and Mistletoe

If you are going to use them in your holiday decor, keep them away from your pets. If your cats jump up on counters or tables, keep that it mind, because they can and will chew on poinsettia. (Trust me). I haven’t had them bother my Amaryllis, but I do keep it in my plant window where there is no room for them to jump up and chew on… If there was, I’m sure they would be in there like a dirty shirt.

Apparently snow globes can contain anti-freeze. So If there is a possibility that your pet is going to knock a snow globe over, then its best to not have it around.

Pine needles that have been eaten can potentially puncture the intestines of your pets, so keep them cleaned up (I haven’t had an issue with this one, but it is a good one to keep in the back of your mind)

You may also want to anchor your tree in some fashion to the wall or ceiling. Excited pets can knock it over, causing a mess you just don’t want to deal with. If you have kittens, they will probably climb up into the tree (especially if its a real one) so keep that in mind.

If you want the light of candles, stick with the battery operated ones, or be sure to never leave them unattended. When I use my real candles, I am sure to never leave the room unattended.

Basically, just use your common sense, and keep an extra eye on your pets. Especially if this is the first holiday for them (or for you together)



Patio Progress

The biggest benefit of now being unemployed is that I finally have time to catch up on everything that I just ran out of energy to do. Just like a real grown up. (And one of the things I plan on catching up on is this blog… just let me get through the next few weeks, because this year has been overflowing with loss and disappointment and I am still working on getting my feet back under myself).

And the weather has been incredible for NOVEMBER. November is typically the coldest most miserable month around here. Mother Nature really gets into Winter around this time. But not this year. Seriously, last week it was 20 degrees (Celsius) out, and we were working in T-shirts.

So You know that Patio I’ve been talking about for the last two years… We have finally started working on it. And as it stands as I write this, we got the minimum we wanted done before winter. There is still a lot left to do, but we have got the worst of it out of the way. We think we have the drainage problems corrected. Before, everything ended up draining into our garage. Now, we have built the low corner (by our garage door) up over 6 inches, and totally adjusted where and how things drain… The majority of the water (and especially melting snow) is now being directed to my garden beds, and down to the front street (just not through the garage anymore).

We still have to finish it, but the massive pile of bricks in our front yard is slowing trickling down. And I have a little excuse to get some exercise carrying them to the back yard. I can’t wait to take pictures next spring, Because hopefully, there will be clematis climbing up that garage wall and looking fantastic… Hopefully.