Review – Lise Watier Hydra Force Hydra-Protective Comforting Creme

I know this isn’t gardening or craft related, but here it is. Because we all have skin. I just hit my 30’s and I have definitely been more aware of my skin and its ageing.

I signed up for the Glam Sense program by Which is a program that sends you a product (if you are selected based on your survey answers) in return for testing the product and giving an honest review. If you sign up, don’t expect tons of free stuff. I signed up in Fall last year, and this is my first product I received from them.

But imagine my surprise when I was selected to test the new Lise Watier Hydra Force cream! It retails locally at London Drugs for $45! Which is a step up from my usual $10 face cream that I usually use.  They sent me a full sized (45ml) container of the Hydra-Protective Comforting Creme, and a little “Hydration Tool” to use with their Hydra-Detect App.

The Hydration Tool and App is actually kind of cool. You plug the Tool into the headphone jack in your phone and then press it onto your skin. Then it gives you a reading on how hydrated your skin is. I do wish that it would record your actual past readings rather than a vague little graph, but other than that, it is very interesting. I tested the different parts of my face as instructed, applied the creme and then tested again. I included some of the screen shots from the App at the end of the post so you can see the results.

As for my thoughts on the creme, my skin after a week of using it feels amazing.  This winter has been very warm, so I can’t test it in extreme winter conditions. But it feels like it will be able to recover faster from the Chinook winds we get here.  My face feels softer and stays hydrated for longer, and I don’t feel like I need to reapply creme a few times a day to keep it that way. My only beef (and I have it with most skin products) is the fragrance.  I would be so much more happy with the product if there wasn’t an underlying scent to it. Not that the smell is off-putting. I just personally prefer fragrance free products.

I would be very interested to test out the lip balm in this Hydra-force  line. My lips are where I notice weather related dryness the most. And I am curious to see if this lip balm would protect against that.

Thank you to the Glam Sense program, Top Box and Lise Watier for the opportunity to try out this face cream.

If you are in Calgary today (March 12, 2016) stop by Sunridge Mall (between 12-4). There is a HydraForce Squad event there and you can receive a free sample. Unfortunately I am unable to attend, Today is my grandparents 61st Anniversary, and I wont be in the city.


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  A few screen shots of my tests from the App: