Back from the Woods

We are back from our little camping trip.

It rained pretty much the entire week we were out there.

On Sunday I got so cold from being soaked and still trying to help with the actual reason we were out there, that I got full body shakes, and ran and hid in the tent with our dogs and all the sleeping bags and blankets I could get my hands on. Once the sky stopped dumping on us and the men-folk got a good fire going, I came out of my little cave and warmed up by the fire.

So after all my begging for recipes, I didn’t even get to test any out. I only manged to pull the dutch oven out once… And I made Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in it. There was no real opportunity to try out my biscuit recipe after that first round (because of the rain), so there is always next time. I might try it in the oven and see how it all comes together in a more controlled area. We need to made a better fire pit, so we can still have a big fire, but I can also use the coals to cook with. I’m envisioning a key-hole fire pit in my dream camp.

I also only managed to get two photos of the dutch oven in the fire… and none of the finished product. We ate them too fast to even think about pulling out the phone to get a picture.

I learned that I did not pack enough coffee or coffee cream for my current level of caffeine addiction. And Party Cups don’t handle hot liquids very well. Next time I’ll pack sufficient coffee, coffee cream and coffee receptacles.

We ate pretty well the entire week. I brought hot dogs and we didn’t even have to resort to eating them. We did have some smokies for lunch a few times, because they are fast and easy, and I almost always choose them before hot dogs.

I pre-assembled an amazing cheesy garlic bread at home, and stuck it on the fire the first night we were there. It was very delicious, and I will be making this 18 million more times.

My cooler packing skills were on point in our new cooler. I had 4 frozen 2 litre bottles of water in there, and they were still half ice after we got home from the trip. I froze every food in there that I could other than the fresh veggies to help keep everything cold until it was time to consume. There was also other cold packs and stuff in there, but I find the frozen water bottles the best. Plus, you have an extra drinking water stash if needed.  We also topped up our other coolers with the drinks in them with ice from some treks to town. Drinks in their own coolers, keeps your food in a more temperature controlled zone.

My hair was so gross by Saturday, that I resorted to washing it in the freezing cold creek. Man was that refreshing, and COLD! But I got all the mud and mats that were starting to form out of it. If I was a smarter (possibly more civilised) human, I might have taken the time to warm some water up with the kettle on my camp stove and washed it with warm water. But I’m not, so I didn’t

We have sooooooooo many berries out there, that I made mental notes of where some of the best patches were for the next times we are out that way. Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Gooseberries and Honeyberries.

Also, I observed an AMAZING array of plants that I didn’t really know were wild here. There were these adorable little yellow pansies pretty much everywhere. The flowers were smaller than the nail on my pinkie finger. There was lupin plants everywhere… I can’t wait to go back and see them with flowers on them, I mean, unless there are other plants that have leaves EXACTLY like my lupins in my garden. Marsh marigolds were everywhere wet, with their wonderful butter-yellow and cream flowers. Same leaves and scent as the marsh marigolds at my parents house, but not bright yellow. There were honeysuckles and these cute little white trumpet flower plants… I think I need a book about native plants in the Kootney region of BC because DAMN I am interested in that Ish. I would like to learn the names of the plants rather than “the tiny yellow flower one”

Well, I am up to my ears in laundry, since everything we took camping was soaked, so I need to get back to forging through it all, so I can have my kitchen floor back. I’ll get a garden update together soon, even though I’ve been a bad plant caretaker and let some of my seedlings die from neglect. Opps… Soon, it will all be updated soon!

(I haven’t been out to my community garden plot since the first day I planted the things out there, so I should probably go check on that. When I do, I’ll update you on that project as well)

There were these beautiful lillies everywhere. Trilliums maybe? I’m not sure.

Love this creek… technically a river I guess

Any idea what this plant is? It grows similar to willow, but it isn’t Willow.

Pretty sure this was around Fernie (maybe?)


iPhone doesn’t like to zoom

Crowsnest Mountain


Back in Alberta ❤