I’m a little behind on getting some kind of ‘New Years’ post written. So here I am with some brain/word vomit.

2016 was terrible for me, we don’t need to rehash it.

So 2017 was about recovering from the devastation that was 2016.

That is kind of the reason I didn’t post here much. I didn’t post anywhere much except for Instagram, or if the mood/inspiration struck. I tried to take as much of the pressure off myself in anything. I wanted to remove any fake. I didn’t want to pretend that I was ok when I wasn’t. Because I wasn’t. But I also didn’t want my not-ok-ness to be enshrined on the internet forever, just because the day I promised to post something was a bad day. I wanted (and still want) to keep highlighting the positive and happy things. ESPECIALLY for posterity. I don’t want to remember how sad I was… I want to remember the good things that happened DESPITE how sad I was. I want to be able to focus on those happy things. Because sad and shit and devastation are always going to be there, and they are so easy to focus on and just keep delving deeper and deeper into them. But focusing on the positive side is so much harder, but so much more worth it.

“Do something today that will make tomorrow better than yesterday”

2017 was kind of a mental reset, and kind of learning a new normal. Kind of building up to what I hope will be a fantastic 2018.

So rather than lay out my plans for this year, I’m just going to say that I will try and write when I can.


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