Buttons for Days…

I have severely neglected this poor little blog.

‘Black Cherry’ Tomatoes were fan-freakin-tastic! I will definitely be growing them again.


These were either ‘Beefsteak’ or ‘Cherokee Purple’ or likely one of each

I’m sorry.

I just didn’t have to energy or motivation to document my garden this year. I did have a decent crop of tomatoes. I made tomato soup with the ones we didn’t have fresh. I even managed to save seed from 4 of the varieties. But I didn’t take any photos. I grew 5 or 6 Zucchini plants and ate every single one. Well, that is a lie, I made soup that is in the freezer with some, and I have one that I need to get the seeds out of.

Even in a photo of my clematis bloom, I have buttons in my hand.

My freakin’ Clematis even bloomed a bit! and My hollyhocks that I grew from seed a few years ago, bloomed and were incredible! The Delphiniums bounced back and even bloomed too.

Sweet Williams

The Lavateria, Sweet Williams, and Carnations that I grew in memory of my grandparents were also amazing. The icing on the flower cake was my ‘Iceberg’ Rose.

‘Iceberg’ Rose (My birthday present to myself)

But I mostly just spent all my energy making things. Especially buttons (Thus the title of this post). Like hundreds of them. All from beautiful, unique and local wood. It is amazing the beauty inside the tree. Why buy plastic generic buttons made in China, when you can get something one of a kind and made by a local artist.

I make more than just buttons, but they are the best seller. Check out the etsy shop I have with my friend: Iceberg Empire

Custom order. Poplar (3 different branches), Choke Cherry, Tamarack, Black Spruce, Willow, and White Spruce
Custom Order. Poplar, Apple, Crab Apple, Willow, Tamarack Black Spruce, Manitoba Maple
Bark-on Tamarack
Interestingly spalted Poplar
Buggy Willow
Black Spruce (and my lavender that has overwintered twice now in the background)

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