This Years Experiment… (2017)

Historically around here, I have at least one experimental garden thing. Last year I had my cactus and Venus fly trap, along with a few new varieties to try outside. This year, I’m going for Sweet Potato.

It will probably fail, so I don’t have any huge dreams of a big Sweet Potato harvest. Because it is cold here. Sweet Potatoes like a much warmer climate than I live in.

BUT I have read of a few people who have been successful. So I am going to grow them in a container in the warmest part of my yard. The patio will help add some heat.

My major issue, I think, is going to be the length of season. That is all in Mother Nature’s hands. We may be able to figure out a temporary greenhouse situation for them for early and late in the season to try and get that length. OR, Mother Nature could just be nice and generous and give us a nice long summer this year.

Step 1… Buy a sweet potato from the grocery store. I found one that had little tiny sprouts starting to happen and picked that one.

Step 2… Put sweet potato into a jar of water. If you want, you can cut it in half and stab some toothpicks in to raise it off the bottom of the jar… I didn’t. I just put the potato in a wide mouth mason jar and made sure the top  (the part with sprouts starting) was pointing up.

Step 3… Wait til sprouts start coming out the top, and roots start showing up in the bottom. 

We will revisit the steps once there is something else to write.

And I will add photos whenever I can… Probably when I next update on this.


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