Vinegar as a Weed Killer

In trying to find things to write about in the winter, I find myself trying to find solutions for problems I have in my garden and how I can solve them. So today, I’m talking about how I might get rid of the weeds along the edges of our new patio

I’m not a huge fan of chemicals in the garden. I feel like as a society, we want instant results rather than working for them. We want nice beautiful lawns, beside our garden beds, but we don’t want the beautiful lawn IN our garden beds.

I was searching for some kind of helpful concoction to use when the grass and weeds start trying to grow through our patio (in the areas where I couldn’t get their masses of roots out before the gravel went in). Because, I don’t want to use the unapologetic-killer-of-most-things-it-contacts… Round-Up (or it’s other chemical friends). I like the bees, I like plants, I’d like my dogs to not get poisoned.

And in most cases, I would just put in the work… Dig up the roots, and be all “You Shall Not Pass” to them by putting in that labor and elbow grease, and out-stubborning the weeds.

But on the patio, I can’t. I can’t just lift up the pavers, break through the weed barrier and compacted base that we worked so hard on to get the proper drainage and levels just to get rid of the grass that will inevitably grow up along the side, because its resilient and wants to live.

I did manage to get the worst offending areas dug up before the gravel went in. Seriously, I pulled out a 2 inch cable of grass roots all intertwined around each other. It was insane…. I just couldn’t get EVERY area done, or we still wouldn’t have a patio in… or mostly in, as the weather froze us out.

I have tried vinegar before. It worked okay, but its not magic. It is only going to slow the plant down. If the plant was healthy and had a bunch of reserve energy built up in its roots, it will recover. They key, I think will be to play a long game, and keep hitting it every time it manages to recover. Eventually it will run out of the energy to come back from the acid attack.

Have you tried Vinegar as a weed killer? What were your results?

If your curious, I found a decent page that has some real world experience with testing the vinegar claims. It isn’t just a pinterest meme that says it works, they have actually tested it, and other similar “recipes” and I appreciate they took the time to put the information out there.  “Vinegar Weed Killer: Grandma’s Recipe for Fast Weed Control”


Next, I need to plan a way to protect my harvests from the damn thieving squirrels.


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