Happy New Year!

Thank you 2017 for finally getting here. 2016 was full of Monumental loss for me personally. I just need to use the freshness of this new year to help push through the sadness and bullshit that was 2016. This meme totally sums it up for me:


But moving on… (I’m sorry if you don’t watch The Walking Dead and don’t understand the meme above… also if you do watch, please don’t spoil the new season for me… We like to wait til it is all over and then watch the whole thing…I only know who died because its impossible to not know if you spend any amount of time on the internet)

  • I’m considering starting onions from seed again this year, any thoughts? I’m only considering because they were quite successful last year, BUT I want to simplify things a bit this time around, and the sets will be so much easier. If I decide  to do it, I need to do it now.
    • If I do start some from seed, I may give Leeks another shot and put them out at the community garden. I’m not wasting my limited space on them here.


  • I am working on getting a 2017 garden layout post written so I have some plans once spring hits. Because once it starts warming up, I’m going to be out there digging.
  • Someone remind me to try and get some squirrel protection over my strawberries before I lose them to the squirrels again. All the new plants I put in last year should be at peak production this year. Maybe I’ll finally be able to achieve my 100% homemade jam dream. (hopefully the crab apple tree doesn’t get beaten up by an early hail storm again, so we get the natural pectin)
  • Fingers crossed that my chocolate mint survived. Otherwise I’ll be buying that again from the garden center. (Not that I really use it for anything, I just like to stop and smell it every time I walk by it)
    • I’m curious to see if any of my other herbs that I planted in-ground will survive the winter. Any bets?
  • Grow my own Sweetener, 2.0 will be a go if I can buy the Stevia plants again this year. Going for simplicity and planting 87 different plants from seed doesn’t follow that.
  • I might even be able to plant my OWN garlic. If I have some left by the time Spring rolls around… Regardless, I’ll still be putting in some that I buy  (hopefully I can find some in the near future), But I have really been enjoying having a good supply of garlic that I grew myself. I want to have a bit more for next year.


  • I had decent Habenero crop but I didn’t do anything with them. So I may start some of them again in the very near future. They are slow growing and can use the extra time inside.
    • I’ll also do Cayenne again, but not started as early as the habenero…. and clearly with some squirrel protection. Who would’ve thought that the squirrels would steal hot peppers?!?!
  • On the Tomato front… I am not going to let myself plant 20 different varieties again. But for-sure I will be planting:
    • Sub Arctic Plenty  (They were fantastic and so easy)
    • Tumbler
    • Black Cherry (I didn’t really get to have any of them -Squirrels – so I want to try again)
    • At least one beef-steak type
    • Any Best-friend or Mom requested varieties.
  • I’ve really enjoyed having my own homemade pickles, but since only a handful of them were actually from my own plants, I may skip growing pickling cucumbers this year, and just buy them from the farmers market. I do want to try and grow some eating type cucumbers though, so I may focus my attention on that.


  • And of course there will be Zucchini
  • And I wont forget Beans this year
  • Or Peas


Now I just need to plan out where all of this is going to go…

And Maybe I’ll throw some sunflowers in too, because they were really fun. And that is what this year needs to be after last year. And there might be considerations of putting some pumpkins and/or squash at my parents place… We’ll see.

One last thing… I may start putting quick garden videos up again. I’ll let you know here if I actually put effort into my YouTube channel this year.

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