2 Days til Christmas – Christmas Crafts


I’ve got a theme of linking back to old content I’ve written for this countdown, so I’m just going to stay with that. Today, I’m going to link back to all the Christmassy Crafts that I’ve done (and written about). Most of them will be on the old blog. But all of them are good if you just need some kind of craft to do yourself, or with kids (except the last one).

Snowman Bag Tags

Felt Snowflake Ornament  (here is the link to the photo I used as inspiration. It no longer shows up on old-blog)

Oh-No Gingerbred Man Ornament

Jingle Balls

Sock Snowmen: 1, 2, 3

Candy Cane Vodka


Looks like that is most of the crafty content I’ve made over the last few years… There is way more things I’ve made, but I guess I just never posted about them on my blog(s).


Merry Christmas Eve-Eve 😉






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