12 Days til Christmas – Sponge Toffee


Like I mentioned yesterday, I have no post ready to go for today. So I’ll be doing some links back to old Christmas content that I’ve done.  It might look like this for a few more of the next week and a half…. I did not get as much done in November as I had hoped. BUT I am determined to make it through the entire countdown, even if it isn’t as pinterest-worthy as I had originally dreamed of.

My theme for this year is just making it through, so hopefully it will just be 2017 already and we can put this terrible year behind us and get on with it.

So today, I’m linking back to my Sponge Toffee recipe. It is a family favorite and I make it almost every year. If you have a reliable candy thermometer, you should make some too. Its a great science experiment at the very least.

Word to the wise… don’t put off cleaning up after this one… Molten sugar is easier to get off of your favorite whisk if you clean it right away.



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