15 Days til Christmas – Easy DIY Cinnamon Ornaments


Lets be honest… This is a pretty rough time of year. You start out with grand ideas, fueled by Pinterest (and maybe too much coffee), and by now, you are wondering how you are going to get it all done, and still have some Pinterest charm to back it up…

Or maybe you are looking for an easy craft to keep kids busy.

Either way, this is the DIY project for you.

I had epic plans to get all these DIY’s done and photograph them and make my own real posts about them. But rather than stress myself out anymore than I already am, I’m sending you off into the world… Maybe next year I will have my shit together a little better for my grand plans of awesome Christmas content…

Here is a post about how to make these. 

I’ve used them in the past as ornaments on the tree, added to a bowl of potpourri, and as little ornaments on gifts. That last one was probably my favorite, and had the biggest impact.

I never decorate mine, I just leave them natural, in whatever shape I’ve cut them out into. I think they have more charm that way… But if you need to occupy children, decorating them may be the way to go.



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