17 Days to Christmas – Why I Like Christmas


Why I like Christmas: 

  • Its like a whole season of being grateful for what you have. Take away the religious aspects of it… Since every major civilization has had a “winter Solstice”-type celebration, not just christians. You don’t need to believe in the story of Jesus’ birth to celebrate the good in your life at this time of year. You just need to appreciate the good people you have around you. No matter how bad things are going, this time of year is always a great time to remember the good.
    • I realize we call it “CHRIST-mas” because we are in a christian-built western society, but weather or not you believe and follow or whatever, Can we all just agree to be less shitty to each other? Especially at this time of year…
  • Its an excuse to go back home and have a sleepover with my mom, and bake lots of things.
  • Seeing someone’s face open a present that you got them that is perfect for them, or that they didn’t expect.
  • Extra excuses to be crafty and a little Martha-Stewart-y.
  • Gingerbread scented everything

I have a million more reasons, but if you have some you would like to share, post them in the comments below. (Just keep them nice and friendly, otherwise they won’t be allowed)


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