18 Days til Christmas – Easy Chicken Dinner


Okay, so this post isn’t at all specifically “Christmas” or “festive” or anything. But you could make it to impress your family and friends, and they won’t know just how easy it is to throw together. I also figured an easy dinner would be a good thing to post about during this busy time of the year.

I only have some sad looking photos, because I was alone when I made this up, and I wasn’t going to touch my phone with raw chicken hands.

You will need:

  • Chicken breasts (it helps if they are a little frozen. Not solid, but not floppy, if that makes any sense?)
  • Broccoli (about a cup… more or less depending on how many you are making)
  • Cheddar Cheese (maybe half a cup, depending on how many you are making)
  • Bacon (I use about 3 slices per chicken breast)

Step 1: Cut a slit into the side of the chicken boobs… Don’t go all the way through… You kind of want them to end up looking like a boat (to hold the fillings). Season them with salt and pepper or whatever your heart desires… Or don’t, its all up to you… the filling and the bacon will add their own seasoning and flavors, so don’t go overboard.

Step 2: Chop up some broccoli into pretty small pieces. (Its easier to shove into the chicken crack when its really small)

Step 3: Grate the Cheddar cheese (or cheat like me and buy the already shredded stuff)

Step 4: Put broccoli and cheese into the space you cut into the chicken. Shove as much in as you can.

Step 5: Wrap the whole thing in Bacon… I use about 3 pieces per chicken boob boat. The bacon helps keep all the fillings inside the chicken, and, well, its bacon, so it makes everything taste good. I find it best to start wrapping at the pointy end and work your way up to the fatter bit… Its a bit awkward at first, but find what works for you and go from there.

Step 6: Arrange the chicken in a large baking dish and bake at about 350F for about 45 minutes, or until everything is cooked… I usually ere on the side of caution and cook chicken too long, because my mother made me really afraid of salmonella. If you don’t have this phobia, cook it as long as you need to to be safe.

  • you may want to cover the whole dish with some aluminium foil to keep the bacon splatter contained.

Step 7: Put the chicken breasts on a separate plate to cool slightly before serving. You don’t want them sitting in the bacon grease… that would kind of be gross.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Not so in-focus mid-bake shot… don’t go overboard on the cheese, since you will lose a bunch to melting.

So, it was less of a recipe, and more of a “here is things I chopped up and shoved into chicken breasts then wrapped it all in bacon”… BUT It is delicious, and relatively easy to do. We typically have this with some roasted potatoes, and some steamed broccoli (since I already had the broccoli out anyway)

You could also adapt the fillings to whatever you like really. I have added in some mushrooms with the broccoli and cheese a few times and it turned out well. I also want to try some with ham and swiss, I think they would be fantastic.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it might be a time saver, if you made a bunch of these up and then froze them, so you could just pull them out of the freezer and bake them… If you try that, let me know how it goes.

If you make this, tweet (@CraftyCultivate) me a photo, or tag me on instagram (@thecraftycultivator)

Hope all your Holiday preparations are going well!


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