24 Days til Christmas – Gifts for Gardeners


I’m going to kick this countdown off with some great Garden related gifts. There is still lots of time to buy things in shops, and online (check shipping before you get your heart set on it).

These are things that I would love to receive (or have previously received and loved). Disclaimer: I am not part of any affiliate program, these are all just links to things I like, to help give you an idea of what to buy the gardener on your list.

1. Greenhouse. Depending on the needs and skills of the gardener you buy this for, you can spend a lot or a little. Think of how much space they have to put this up. The little plastic ones are great for seedlings in the spring, and small enough that you can easily put them away in a shed.

(My mom got me the HarvestHouse Plus a few years ago. It is pretty awesome, I do need a replacement cover for it, after a few years of leaving it outside, but I love it. The only problem I have with it, is that I wish it was a little bigger so in the cold, I could actually close the door with me inside to keep the warmth from escaping)

2. Quality Tools. I say quality, because those cheap sets you can get don’t last, and just need to be replaced. Go for Quality over Quantity.


1. Tiller,  2 Pack of Tools, 3 Harvest Basket,  4 Transplanting Trowel, 5 Heated Seed Starter Pack,  6 Pruners,

3.Garden Art and Plant Pots – If this is something they like, then go for it. This area is really easy to go overboard. Nobody needs 8 wind chimes. My recommendation for garden art gifts… only get it if you think they would get it themselves, or they have said they actually want it. Here are a few examples to get you inspired:


Sassy Gnome, 3 Windmill,4 Quiet Frog, 5 Frogs,6 Trespassers will be Composted,7 Pants Down Statue,

No Link for the owl (2), but its pretty awesome. My local garden center has a whole range of sizes and colors of them and I LOVE them.

4. Gift Card/Certificate to a local greenhouse. This way, they can pick out whatever they want or need for their garden.

5. Composter – If they don’t have one already, Every gardener I know would love to make their own “black gold”. I had my eye on the tumbling composter, but was given the stacking one and I really like it. If your handy, and you know they want one, there are tons of tutorials and ideas on Pinterest or with a quick google search.


6. Stay tuned for some DIY projects that you can make for the gardener in your life too! Homemade gifts are great for everyone.



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