Countdown to Christmas

Starting tomorrow, There SHOULD be 24 days of content. I’m taking a hint from YouTube’s Zoella and her “24 days of Zoella” and I have been hard at work creating Christmas themed content for my poor dusty old blog… so get ready!


See you tomorrow!

Disclaimer:  It is quite hard to really get into the Christmas mind set in November, especially since I don’t have to go out into the world that often (and can control my access to Christmas related anything). So I have some posts already scheduled… but I’m running into some creative blocks for later in the month…In typical me fashion, I might start this off strong, but sputter out by the time Christmas actually happens. I’m apologizing in advance if I miss a day or two, or 8.

Second Disclaimer/Apology: I’ve been having some trouble actually getting photos into my posts… So there may be some boring just-text posts also.


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