…. So…


…Its been a while.

…a long while

…mostly because it is hard to write about gardening things when most of your garden was a fail.

Its also been a shitty year overall…

…and it keeps being shitty

…and I don’t want to remember the shitty things, I want to remember the good things. So writing about my failed tomato crop (except the Sub Arctic Plenty and Tiny Tim’s), or my peppers that all got stolen by the damn squirrels (except the Habaneros), is just not something I want to do. So I haven’t been here in a while.

And I’m sorry.

BUT I have been crazy busy making things for my new business with my best friend. And That might be what I end up talking about here for a little while. You can check our Etsy Shop out here, Look us up on Twitter and Instagram @IcebergEmpire, and on Facebook @IcebergEmpireEtsy.

I do have some successes to talk about garden-wise, but I haven’t found the motivation or inspiration to put my fingers to the keys and add some photos. Hopefully I find some.

If all else fails, I will have a few Christmas-y posts and probably let my spring fever get the better of me in January and start sowing too many seeds again. Right now garden plan-wise, I want to start adding many more perennial flowers that just take care of themselves and look pretty, and add in some vegetables here and there. Simplify things as the case may be. But we’ll see.

I was contacted to write something about getting out and doing things this fall, and I have a few ideas for posts. So there may be some more content coming your way shortly. I better get my butt in gear, because fall is almost over around here.

I hope you have all been well, and your gardens did much better than mine did.


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