Community Garden Plot- Update 4

I had some time today to drop by my plot at the community garden and survey the damage. A couple days ago a nasty hail storm blew through and totalled most of the gardens plots. Luckily it missed my garden at home where all my sensitive things are. 

I went with the intention of just cleaning up the leaf debris and pulling a few weeds, but I ended up harvesting the onions (which were not doing well anyway) and a row of the Purple Caribe potatoes. I actually would have harvested all the potatoes, but I didn’t have more than a small shopping bag.

The potatoes did pretty good, and it is about time to harvest them anyway despite the hail, so not a total loss. I got about 15 lbs from one row, which was 6 plants… So not bad at all. 

Out of the 50 or so sad onion sets I planted out, I only got 10 onions. Not great, but Mother Nature wasn’t helping much early in the year. I didn’t think I would get any onions at the rate they were going, so these 10 are a nice bonus. In the picture above you can see the purple caribe potatoes. I just throw them over to an I worked area until I can gather them all up.

The carrots held up fantastic! And are still growing strong. I didn’t get a picture of them, I was too busy snacking on them.

The beets and beans I sowed last time… They could go either way. I left most of the beans that we’re putting on new leaf growth, and the beets are small, but it looks like the potatoes took most of the hail hits and helped protect the little beets. I left them in hopeful optimism.

Now the plot looks super empty, I’m thinking of trying to move my one butternut squash that is in a container over there… I just need to round up help to do that.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I got there and got right to work cleaning up the mess. 

Hope everyone’s gardens are surviving mother natures mood swings!


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