DIY Flower Collar (for your dog)

Including our dogs in our wedding is a given… Or at least a high priority in the planning of the whole thing. If I could easily include my horse too I would, but I don’t think that’s a great idea. 

So step one in including them in the wedding is making them stuff. Ava will be wearing a flower collar to dress up (and hopefully a bath to help control the hair she produces like crazy). Wilson will get a tie for his collar, so stay tuned.

I was going to try and make this into some kind of tutorial, but all I did was glue artificial flowers to a collar I got a while ago on a super discount. Just arrange them however looks the best. And trust your judgement. 

Ava isn’t in love with this, but she looks so pretty. There is nothing sticking into her neck, just a different feeling. Just a little something to make her more a part of the wedding.


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