Crafting Up a Storm

Remember when I said a couple posts back that I haven’t been doing much crafting considering this blogs name? Maybe I only said that in person to somebody, but either way it is true. I have dropped the craft ball here. Mostly because work and life is busy. Secondly because I get so wrapped up in whatever I am making that I don’t take any pictures. Thirdly, because typically I make things as gifts for people and I don’t want to ruin the surprise, and then I completely forget to post after it is safe.

But now, wedding fever has hit us a little hard around here, and my brain is just puking up craft ideas and projects all over the place. (Lets not talk about the garden right now though, I’ll get back out there when the rain stops.)

Second but… Since these are wedding crafts, I can’t REALLY share a lot of them fully. Well, I might get rebellious (since I tend to lean that way after I impose harsh restrictions on myself) and just share things anyway.

In the last couple weeks, I have used up 4 rolls of duct tape, a small bag of hot glue, a bunch of fiber fill (that was actually just some older pillows we had lying around that I ripped the guts out of), glass etching cream, a couple rolls of thread, a package of air dry clay, contact paper and some fuse able interfacing (and some other things I am probably forgetting).

So if I had remembered to take pictures of some of those projects, I would have content to post…

I did manage to get a quick post written, so stay tuned in the next couple days for info on one of my projects


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