Share your off-grid recipes?

Hey guys, Sorry for the lack of any posts or updates on the regular as of late. I have been sucked into Pinterest and getting ready for our first big camping trip of the year. (which also means I have been getting all my plants ready for going outside and living without me for almost a week.

But more on that later.

In all of my Pinterest-ing I have discovered a big lack of actual real ingredient recipes for cooking in a Dutch Oven over a fire. There are a lot of basic “how to cook in a dutch oven over coals” posts, but not many recipes. My best friend bought me one for Christmas a few years ago and I have never really had the opportunity to try it out (well, I did once, but I forgot it on the kitchen counter when we left for the mountains).

Here is the thing, I want real recipes. Not ones that include other things that have 36 ingredients themselves. That is one of my biggest pet peeves of pinterest recipes… When people say “Only 3 ingredients” but then those three ingredients contain 100 ingredients combined and half of them are shelf stabilizers, preservatives and colour. I want some legit real ingredient recipes. Do you guys have any to share? They don’t necessarily have to be specific to Dutch Ovens, but that would help. I’m new to this Dutch Oven thing, but I can bake up a storm in a regular oven. I want to be able to do the same with just a campfire.

For this trip I have decided that I am making biscuits for sure. I found a real recipe… one that I can pre-assemble all the dry ingredients, then just add water at camp (I should mention that we are completely off grid there).

Since I have been so lacking in anything recipe or craft related around here for a while, I will be trying to get some posts written/photographed while we are out there. My biscuits could be a fail, or they could be the best biscuits I’ve ever had.

While I’m here appealing for recipes, any sort of cooked-over-the-fire (or in the coals- you get the idea) recipes would be fantastic. Especially for things that don’t require refrigeration. Our cooler space is limited. And unless someone makes the big trek down the mountain to town, we won’t have ice to replenish, so it would be good to have a few things on standby for those occasions.

Thanks everyone! I can’t wait for some new suggestions to try out. (and sorry for the lack of photos on this post)


16 thoughts on “Share your off-grid recipes?

      1. Sorry, running behind! The first thing that came to mind is doing a venison or beef roast with a can of Coca Cola poured on it. Bury your oven and cover with hot coals and the coke tenderizes the meat as it cooks.

        We’ve also done a lot of foil-pack meals. We put our choice of meat (such as chicken), vegetables, some olive oil helps them not stick to foil, and seasonings in a square of aluminum foil, fold it over until it’s sealed, and cook over coals. You could probably double up your cook time and have a meat cooking in the Dutch oven and use the lid as a “grill” to cook the foil packs.

        I found a fun website that has lots of Dutch oven recipes, as well as other camping stuff. There are some great recipe ideas on there.

        Mostly, we just make easy to put together meals like a meat and vegetables. Stews and soups are really good, too.

        I didn’t really give you a recipe like you asked… Just some ideas, I guess. Hope that is ok. 🙂

      2. Awesome! I will add them to the list of things to try out this year! I was just disappointed after searching for real recipes (like for biscuits) and just getting all these “recipes” that just use pilsbury biscuit dough. So thanks for the real food ideas 🙂

      3. I was reading about making biscuits in a dutch oven and it had a recipe and said to grease the pan a little, put biscuit dough in, leaving a bit of room for expanding, put lid on and add hot coals (temp 500) for 8-10 minutes. Which makes me wonder if any biscuit recipe would work. Probably take a bit of trial and error, but I bet they’d be so good. Do you have a recipe you usually use?

      4. I found one that I can make ahead, I just need to add milk at camp (so I bought some powdered buttermilk to use there). Basically it is homemade bisquick. I’ll post if here if It is any good.

      5. I know what you mean about trying to find “real” recipes.:) I’ve got both my grandma’s cookbooks, if you’d like me to share one out of there.

      6. Sure, You can email it whenever if that is easier… thecraftycultivator @ (but obviously with no spaces)

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