Community Garden Plot Update #1

 May 8th:

After being on the waiting list for nearly 3 years, I finally got a plot in the Community Garden! May 8th was my first time seeing my plot… The soil is not the greatest, and it’s full of rocks, but there is so much potential! I will add some manure at the end of the year and pick out as many stones as possible when I get the chance, but for now, I just plunked things in.


  • 2 rows of ‘Purple Caribe’ Seed Potatoes
  • 2 rows of Red Onions that I gave a head start in some old peat pellets I had laying around, and put into in the little backyard greenhouse
  • 1 row of ‘Nantes Touchon’ Carrots.

I also have one more row of room left. I don’t know what I’ll put there just yet, maybe more carrots, or some beets. I’m also tempted to plant some turnips out there, but I’ll need to make some cover for them. Maybe a few bush beans to add nitrogen to the soil… We’ll see which idea makes the cut.

My plan for my Community Plot is to just grow things that don’t require much attention. I want to keep anything that might need covering or extra water or any attention (other than quick thinning or weeding) in my backyard. Anything that I can basically just plant and forget about until it’s ready to harvest can go over there.

I’ll grab more pictures next time.


6 thoughts on “Community Garden Plot Update #1

    1. Yes, I grow most of the fun things in my yard, anything that needs any baby-ing at all. Or will need to be harvested often to keep them producing, stays in my yard

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