Cucumbers for 2016

I grew both of these varieties of cucumbers last year, but I don’t think I wrote about them at all. I really should have wrote all the words about them, because they were wonderful. The only thing is, I didn’t have enough plants. That will change this year.

Cucumbers need really rich and fertile soil, so plan out where you are going to grow them. I will be digging some home-made compost in just before I plant these outside. In addition, I grew Peas in this spot last year, so that should have added some usable nitrogen back into the soil, benefiting the cucumbers this year.

They also don’t like the cold, so grow in a greenhouse or wait until after your last frost date. For me, that will be safely in June. I will be watching the 14 day weather forecast to find a good outlook for the seedlings.

Cucumbers don’t like their roots being disturbed very much, so pick appropriate containers to sow into. I will be using home-made newspaper pots. This allows me to plant them straight into the ground, with minimal disturbance. They are also free, which is always a good thing. As far as soil to sow in, I will just be using regular potting soil. I could use seed sowing mix, but it ends up being more economical to use regular (good quality) potting mix rather than splurging on the amount of seed sowing mix that I would need.

I was going to try a new-to-me, larger sized cucumber this year, but then decided to stick to the two varieties I already have on hand and grow them better… and more of them.

I need enough of the pickling cucumbers to make pickling them worth the effort! The Lemon cukes are refreshing and delicious and didn’t even make it into the house last  year.


  • ‘Modern Early’ Cucumber (Heirloom)
    • Days to Maturity: 45
    • I sowed 8 newspaper pots of these on April 24
    • “This pickling variety has short white spined, medium green fruit. Plant outside only after all danger of frost has passed and the soil is warm. This blunt shaped variety doesn’t take too much space in your garden” McKenzie Seeds
  • ‘Lemon’ Cucumber (Heirloom)
    • Days to Maturity: ? Doesn’t Say on Seed Packet
    • I showed 5 newspaper pots of these on April 24.
    • “A true heirloom whose vigorous vines bear abundant crunchy cukes the size and shape of lemons. Flavor is mild and sweet. Tasty and delicious eating either fresh, in salads or for making pickles.” Cornucopia Seeds

These things sprouted in 3 days!! It was incredible! I’ve never had germination this great with cucumbers before!

Are you growing cucumbers this year? What varieties have you chosen?  



5 thoughts on “Cucumbers for 2016

      1. Cool. I’ll look for them. We can’t put our garden in until about the same time as you, the temperature gets too low at night on our river bottom. That gives me a bit of time yet to find those seeds! 🙂

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