First Outdoor Sowing for 2016

I sowed things outside for the first time this year. It still blows me away that our Winter was so mild and Spring came so early. I heard that this winter might be the complete opposite (El Nino?), so I’ll enjoy it while I can.

But I put seeds outside!! On April 23, I sowed:

  • ‘French Breakfast’ Radish
    • “A true gourmet treat. Attractive, large, oblong radish with scarlet color and white tip. Crisp and juicy with a mild sweet flavor. Cool weather crop. Make several plantings every 10 days until the weather warms. This bicolor variety adds a unique color and flavor to vegetable trays and salads.” McKenzie Seeds (Heirloom)
    • Days to Maturity: 20-30
  • ‘Black Spanish’ Radish
    • “Large turnip shaped 3-4″ diameter globes, deep black skin, solid crisp pure white flesh, tall tops, primarily for winter storage, sow in July or August, will keep all winter stored in moist sand. Plant 1/2 – 1 cm deep & 10cm apart. Water well. Seed pods are also delicious in salads or pickled.” Urban Harvest Seeds (Heirloom)
    • Days to Maturity: 40
  • ‘Long Standing Bloomsdale’ Spinach
    • “Very popular variety that produces for a long time. Glossy, dark green, thick textured, crinkled leaves are rich in iron. This cool weather vegetable is easy to grow in rich, well-drained soil. Best growth occurs in spring and fall, and be sure to do a second sowing in late summer for a fall crop. Requires plenty of moisture.” McKenzie Seeds (Heirloom)
    • Days to Maturity: 40-48

I will probably do a second sowing of the Black Spanish Radish in July like the seed packet says – depending on what kind of room I have for them. Radish isn’t my most favourite thing, but their speedy growth is inspiring. French Breakfast is a favourite because it doesn’t have that really spicy kick that other radishes do. They still have the radish flavour, I just find it a little more subdued comparatively.

I will try and get my successive sowings of Spinach in. I always buy these frozen spinach nuggets to throw into pastas and pretty much anything I cook in the winter, so it would be nice to be able to use my own homegrown spinach instead.


5 thoughts on “First Outdoor Sowing for 2016

  1. I’m wayyy behind on reading. I know I’ve missed some of your posts. I hope to get caught up soon. I agree about the mild winter, was expecting big snows.

    Thanks for posting pictures of the seed packets. That’s helpful in knowing what to buy! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I like the seed packet pictures just for myself to I remember what I grew later in the year. Especially if I had bad germination on the seeds.
      Thanks for keeping up with my little garden.

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