First Harvest of 2016!

While I was back home visiting my parents yesterday, ripping apart their yard (post coming soon) and checking on my leaf mold piles, I made my first harvest of this year! In freaking April! Usually we are just breaking out of winters grasp at this time of year, so to be able to harvest something is a big deal.

Rhubarb! And not pidly little stalks either! Bright pink, and huge! After I took all the leaves off, I had 2 large freezer bags of “fruit”. One for me, and one for my rhubarb loving best friend.

I think I’ll be making rhubarb and apple crisp. And harvesting more rhubarb next time I go home. (Not to mention the 3 crowns I have in my own yard that should produce very well this year)

I also chopped up all the leaves and stem ends and brought them back home with me to put into my composter.

Do you have any suggestions of what to do with the glut of rhubarb I think I will be blessed with this year?


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