Update on the Peppers (2016)

My peppers are growing really well, and just like the herbs the other day, I thought it was time for a little update about them. Apart from general updates, I haven’t written about my peppers for a while, so it was about time.

All these Peppers were potted up into party cups. I usually use home made newspaper pots, but last year, I found that they started to deteriorate when they were used for a few months. For things that were only in the pots for a few weeks, they work great, but less so for things like peppers and tomatoes.

  • Hungarian Hot Wax
  • Habanero
  • Cayenne
    • sowed: March 2
    • potted up: April 1
    • despite the slow start on germination, these are growing well now. I was shooting for 6 plants, but I’m at 4 now. Which is probably more than enough for me anyway.
  • Big Dipper Green Peppers
  • Seranno


Okay, so you can’t really tell the difference in size in the photos above… The Habanero’s are small and compact, and are the only ones I still have under the lights. The Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers are the largest. The others are all about the same size, and all in my South West window now. They live on my desk, and this room is probably the warmest in the house. This is helping my space situation, as I can transition the flowers and herbs to my kitchen window until outside warms up enough. The next problem will be once the tomatoes start really taking off. But I’ll save the rest of this ramble for my April Update at the end of the month.

Are you growing peppers this year? What varieties have you gone for?


3 thoughts on “Update on the Peppers (2016)

    1. Where are you located? As long as you keep them in a warm place they should be fine. I also keep mine in containers incase I have to move them if we get early frost

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