Venus Fly Trap

Did you know that Venus Fly Traps originate in the swamps and bogs of North Carolina and South Carolina? Because I didn’t. I honestly thought they were rainforest plants.

Yesterday, I stopped at the garden centre on my way home from an appointment in the city, and rewarded myself for being a grown up. I bought a “Franki Fly Trap” Mini Dome Terrarium. They had a more expensive Dome that grew 10 different carnivorous plants, but given my current lack of window sill space (until my seedlings can all go outside), I decided to hold off on that one. We’ll see how successful these are before I attempt to grow 9 other types of carnivorous plants.

The seeds look quite a lot like mint seeds. They are really small, so if you grow them too, be careful.

In 3-6 weeks, I will hopefully have little Venus fly trap sprouts. I’ll keep you posted on the germination and growing of these little guys. It says right on the seed pack that they are “guaranteed to grow”.

Rather than regurgitating exactly what the seed packet says, Here is a photo of it.


2 thoughts on “Venus Fly Trap

  1. Oh my goodness, wonderful. Last year I bought a small venus fly trap plant which has been so fun to have around. I’d love to plant seeds too though. Maybe I’ll see if I can order some online.

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