Tomatoes 2016 – Part 2

I was unsupervised again and I may have picked up a new kind of tomato seed. But only one… (so far). I also think that it is important to note (possibly to make myself feel better) that some of these seedlings will end up in my friend’s gardens.

On March 23, I sowed (in peat pellets):

  • 2x Yellow Pear
  • 1x Box Car Willie
  • 1x Golden Cherry
  • 1x Chadwick’s Cherries
  • 1x Principe Borghese
Yellow Pear (2015)

Yellow Pear is a bit of a mild tasting tomato. But they are one of my favourites. They look very cute and mix up a plate of tomatoes. Box Car Willie and Golden Cherry are both from the seed trade I made a few years ago, that I mentioned in Part 1 of this years tomatoes. They both produced well the year I grew them, and I really want to re-stock my seed of them. Chadwick’s Cherries were new to me last year and they were delicious. They had really full trusses of sweet, bright-red cherry tomatoes. Principe Borghese is an Italian variety that is traditionally used for sun dried tomatoes. I didn’t have the dehydrator last year, so I never tried to dry them, but they were delicious fresh. There wasn’t a ton of seeds in them… almost paste-tomato like.

On March 24, I was unsupervised around the seed rack, and I picked up a bunch of flower seeds (including some sunflowers for this year), a new kind of heirloom pea, some watermelon, and Red Pear Tomatoes. They should be a cute match with the Yellow Pear. I sowed 2 peat pellets of them as soon as I got home from shopping.

Chadwick’s Cherry Truss (2015)

I’m going to hold off sowing the last batch of tomato seeds until April 1… Unless I find some new interesting seeds while unsupervised again. I have Sub-Arctic Plenty, Tiny Tim, Tumbler F1, and Manitoba picked out to sow for sure. They all have a smaller “Days to Maturity” number, which is why I am waiting a little. I may also add in ‘Green Envy’ after I take into account how much room I have. Last year, I jumped the gun a little too much and everything got a bit leggy. I’m hoping that our spring continues to be incredibly nice and I can get the tomatoes out sooner, but we’ll see how it goes. You can never assume anything weather-wise in Alberta.

Part 3 will be around in Early April, so keep an eye out for that.

Golden Cherry (2014)



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