Mexican Purple Garlic


I mentioned that back in January, I picked up some Mexican Purple Garlic that was 40% off. I thought I might be able to just plant them outside since our winter has been pretty non-existent this year. However, the ground where they will be going is still frozen solid. If I tired to put them out now, they would probably just rot, (or my squirrel nemesis would steal them) and I wouldn’t get any garlic at all.

So I made some paper pots, and started my garlic inside.

I didn’t find a ton of information about Mexican Purple Garlic online other than confirming it is a hardneck variety; it belongs to the “Purple Stripe sub-group” of the hardnecks; its a little hot, but becomes milder with baking; its skin is silvery with purple stripes; and it is a popular variety in Mexico and Peru.

Apparently, the amount of purple in the garlic, is dependant on the weather. So one year you could have a really deep purple, and the next there would be hardly any. Its all in the hands of Mother Nature.

Since garlic requires a bit of chilly weather in order for it to split into separate cloves and form a bulb of garlic rather than just one large clove (which is what has happened to me in the past when I’ve babied my garlic and started it inside), I stuck these into my fridge. The coolness in my fridge will hopefully be enough to help them form an actual bulb, until I can work the ground enough to get them outside. They should be forming some roots and starting to grow in this time, so that when they do go outside, they can get off to a flying start. Or at least that is my hope.

I made a little video when I sowed these and forgot to take any pictures. But I put the video up on my YouTube Channel. I’m still playing around with my iPhone and editing, and we are still saving up for our dream camera. Hopefully we’ll have it before things really kick off in the garden, so my videos can start getting better.

And maybe this will finally be the year I sow garlic in the Fall like I am supposed to.



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