February 2016 Update


Lemon Balm and Lavender

This month has been a little crazy. My grandpa turned 85 on the 8th! I got a long weekend away from work and was able to finally make it back home to visit everyone. I haven’t been able to do that for over a year and a half, so it was extra special for me. Some less happy things happened, but I’m going to stick to the positives here.

I got a tiny bit of work done outside. We have been so blessed with almost an entire month of Chinooks. I tried to leave the majority of leaves on the surface of the soil as a bit of protection (for the soil and bugs that call it home) against the temperature changes we get around here. I found some lady bugs again while cleaning, so leaving the leaves there should help them survive until Spring. While the Chinooks bring the warm, they also bring the wind. Most of the ground is still rock hard, and anything that isn’t heavy or secured to something has blown away. Almost everyday I am cleaning up bags that have blown into the yard too.

…just a small portion of my seed hoard

To recap the blog posts this month: I wrote about my dream of growing clematis like both my grandmas; Growing Alfalfa sprouts; and updated you on my Cactus growing endeavour. I also wrote a How to Start Gardening post, followed up with one about which beans are a good bet when you are just starting out gardening. I almost forgot to mention my post about my favourite labels that I get from the dollarstore. And while I am back-linking – Here is January’s Update.

When I was writing the Bean post, I started going through my hoard of seeds and realized I have A LOT of herb seeds. So maybe this year I should make a more honest attempt at starting them from seed… The Lavender, Lemon Balm and Spearmint that I sowed in January is doing amazing (first photo in this post), so maybe that will give me a good kick in the butt to start some more herbs. I always sow my Dill too late outside, so I’ll have to remember NOT to do that this year.

JUST the herbs from my seed hoard

On February 21, I sowed a few flowers. Hollyhocks, Carnations and Columbines. The seeds for these hollyhocks are new this year, but the Carnations and Columbines are a few years old, so they may not germinate… but it is worth a shot. I sowed some penstemon in January, and they unfortunately did not germinate. I have a few other flower seeds I want to start too, but I’m waiting until it is a little closer to frost free time. I picked up some mix of Calendula to try out that I am excited about, but the majority of annual flowers will be from the garden centre. As much as I want to start everything from seed, I just don’t have the space to be able to do it.  Update- February 28- The Carnations are up! Still waiting on the other two.

I sowed some old strawberry seed I had, and I had my doubts about whether they would germinate or not, so I didn’t even mention it on here. But 5 of the 12 little peat pellets I sowed did germinate. I over seeded them, and only 1 of the 5 has more than one seedling in it. So the germination rate is not great… but I’m glad they spread themselves out instead of all the viable seeds ending up all together! They are working on all their true leaves now and I’ll do my best to keep them all alive til spring time.

It is almost the time when I start seeds, and for the most part, I have avoided looking at my seed collection. I did this so I wouldn’t start things too early because sometimes I have a hard time controlling myself. I’ll be starting the tomatoes in March and I’ll stagger them, so only a few will be sown right away. I am starting my hot peppers today though. They need a little extra time to mature before going outside, AND they are a little easier to control than tomatoes.

Carnations have sprouted!

Also, If you didn’t know, I started putting updates on my YouTube Channel. We are saving up for an awesome camera that we both really want, but for now, I’m doing this thing with just my iPhone. At least nothing exciting is happening out there yet. Please subscribe! It would mean the world to me!!


Since this update is very lacking in photos… I’ll embed both video updates from this year…



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