Sprouting Seeds (Alfalfa Sprouts)

Part of the problem of having a garden full of vegetables in the summer is having to buy fresh vegetables in the winter. They are never as good, and spending money on vegetables seems wrong after a summer of free fresh veggies.

To help fill in the gaps of fresh grown green food… I started Sprouts for fresh greens in sandwiches.

They are super easy to grow and it takes seconds a day for about 6 days before you have delicious and homegrown greens.

You don’t need anything more than a large mason jar and a little piece of screen. Although you could buy a fancy seed sprouting tray. But I prefer the mason jar. Just make sure you upgrade to a 1L jar, I tried in a 500ml wide mouth but the amount of seeds were too much. You could obviously use less seeds, but then you have less sprouts…. So whatever suits your needs the best.

You will also want to get a second jar going about halfway through the 6 days. Otherwise you need to wait for more sprouts.

You also want to NOT FORGET about these! The smell is horrendous! So while it only takes a few seconds a day to rinse and shake these, it is really easy to mistakenly forget about those few seconds on a busy day. Don’t make the mistake because it is disgusting!

I started with Alfalfa Sprouts. I plan on grabbing some Broccoli next, and possibly a few other kinds. There is a lot of different seeds to try, and you get a lot for less than $5… And I’m sure you could find them much cheaper online.


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