Grow Your Own – Italian Seasoning (Completed)

You may have thought I forgot all about my project last year of growing my own Italian Seasoning… But I didn’t. At least not completely. I did get all the herbs dried and put away in individual bags. I just never got around to adding them all together into a seasoning mix. Or writing a post about drying the herbs here. So here we are, finally, with a wrap up on the Italian Seasoning I grew all by myself! (everything in the photo above came out of my garden!)

I will be doing this again in 2016 too. Hopefully with greater volume. I really should have been harvesting from my herbs more often throughout the year, but once warnings of winter started, I had to act fast to get them put away. I did manage to keep the Rosemary and the Sweet Marjoram alive in the window all winter. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room in my small house to give all the herbs a shot at making it to next year. Originally, It was only going to be the rosemary, but the marjoram smelled so pretty when I was harvesting it that I decided it could stay too.

So to make your own Italian Seasoning, you can use a recipe found online. There are tons on Alternately you can do what I am doing and use your favourite Italian-y herbs and mixing them together until it looks, smells and ultimately tastes good. Lots of Oregano and Thyme are a good base to start with. If you don’t like an herb, then don’t use it… If you don’t know if you like it, then grow it and find out. Even if you don’t harvest from the plant-let it flower, as the bees and butterflies typically love the tiny flowers on most herbs.

A few tips:

  • If you are using Rosemary, make sure you are breaking it up. Nobody wants twigs in their Spaghetti.
  • Go easy on the garlic powder – especially the homegrown/homemade garlic powder. And ESPECIALLY if you like to add fresh garlic in when you are cooking like I do. Same thing with the onion powder. The homemade stuff is WAY more potent than the store bought stuff.
  • You can make this pretty much however you like it. I think for next year, I may add in some dehydrated peppers… And onion pieces instead of using the onion powder. It is totally adaptable. You could just keep all the herbs separate and add each one individually when you are cooking too.
  • Growing your own spices is very satisfying. So definitely give it a try. There wont be all the added crap they put in commercial spices like “anti-clumping agents” – It will just be what it is… and that is how it should be.

For this year’s growing season -There are a few herbs that I won’t bother starting from seed, and will just buy from the garden centre because I can. But I will give a few different herbs a go – Like I already started some Lavender and Lemon Balm again (because I really missed having them last year). A little closer to actual Spring, I will start a few more, but these are the only slower growing ones that I will sacrifice a little space for inside for now. I also want to get my hands on some Stevia seed and start making my own homegrown sweetener.

Thanks for reading guys! Check back soon, I am working on monthly updates, and the end of January is nearing!


7 thoughts on “Grow Your Own – Italian Seasoning (Completed)

  1. How did you do the onion and garlic powder – neat idea!? I LOVE my dried and frozen herbs all winter long – they taste so much better than store bought ones and they are very pretty hanging in the kitchen too!

    1. I cut them into small pieces and then dehydrated them (in the oven since I didn’t have a dehydrator at the time) and then ground them up in my magic bullet… I’ll try to do a post about it again this year

  2. Such a wonderful bit of advice. I’m teaching myself to cook and with that comes the realization that I need to know more about seasoning so I can make meals special, give them a bit of my own touch. I really appreciate your post.

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