Sowing – Cactus ‘Novelty Mix’

I’ve been a little desperate to start gardening in case you couldn’t tell.


As you can probably tell, I have become desperate to plunk seeds into soil. On a whim, I picked this packet up in 2014, and it has sat around ever since then. So This could all be an exercise in futility, but hopefully at least a few will germinate and I can grow some little cacti from seed. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Obviously, they are house-plants, so wont be going outside …and Really, I am just creating a problem of window space allocation once I start sowing my garden seeds. So that should illustrate exactly how much I want to be starting plants.

I was a rebel, and didn’t go out an buy special cactus soil. I just used my seed starting mix as I didn’t want to go out an purchase anything special for this experiment.


McKenzie seeds says “This choice assortment of the most attractive cacti makes a fascinating indoor display. Press the seed gently into sandy soil. Do not cover as light aids germination. Keep soil faily warm and moist for the first 4-6 weeks. Cacti seeds germinate very slowly. Once established, the plants require very little watering. HOUSEPLANT

Days to Spout: 7-60; Seed Depth: surface; Seed Spacing: 1 per pot; Spread: various; Bloom Period: various

So how did I do at following directions? I didn’t use sandy soil. As far as keeping the soil warm and moist- I will try to not let it dry out, and Its on my desk away from my usual seed starting window, so It gets west facing sun. I also plunked a bunch of seeds in one pot because of my lack of confidence in their germinating…

This could be interesting, or be incredibly boring and nothing will grow. I’ll let you know if anything germinates.



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