New Year, New Growth! (Onion Edition)

So, this is the year I try and grow an onion from seed…  
I started these “Northern Gold” onion seeds on December 27th… And we already have sprouting! 

I’ll probably try and move these to individual pots once they are stronger. I may also start a few in their own little pots incase the moving of these doesn’t go so well. Fingers crossed this experiment is as successful as the birdhouse gourds 2 years ago!

I know it is early in the season, but since onions grow based on length of day, I am attempting to give these as much time as possible to grow healthy before they start bulbing up. It also should help me stop myself from starting my tomatoes too early again and ending up with a tomato forest in my kitchen!

Also! Aren’t alliums so cute at this little shepards crook stage?!? I find them adorable little seedlings!


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