How to get FREE Strawberry Plants

One of my long term gardening goals is to grow enough strawberries to make a whole batch of jam.

This means I need to step up the number of plants I have.

Part of that involves growing some from seed. Which involves waiting for seeds to germinate, if they ever do, and then waiting for a year until the plants go into full production, and also keeping fingers crossed that they survive whatever kind of winter we get.

However, Strawberry plants send out runners to take over the ground they are in. Infact, most of the plants I currently have are from runners that I dug out of all the weeds when I took back my garden beds in the spring. 

You can just let the runners root themselves in the garden soil, letting nature have its way. However, I want to move these plants for next year, and I want them to grow where I put them, so that is how I will be showing you today.

Step 1: You need small containers, potting soil, some rocks and you will also need to have strawberry plants that are sending out runners.

Step 2: Find where the runner is starting to grow a plant, and dig a hole the size of the container you are using. 

Step 3: Place the runner onto the potting soil in the container, and use a rock to hold the runner down so it can root.

Step 4: Keep the soil watered and in about 6-8 weeks, we can cut the cord from the mother plant.



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