YouTube Channels I love: How to Make Everything

I know I am like 1000 posts behind on updating anything… But I wanted to write about some of my favourite YouTube channels… I spend a lot of my time watching YouTube while doing things at my desk, and I thought I would spread the love around. I will try and focus mainly on channels that relate to this blog, but I watch a lot of varied content on there, which is the whole beauty of the YouTube community.

Today, I wanted to send you over to How to Make Everything. Its a channel that really speaks to my soul of wanting to do everything myself.

They have a video series on how to make a sandwich. He grew the wheat to make the bread, harvested ocean water and boiled it down to make salt, grew tomatoes lettuce and cucumbers (to make the pickles). And even killed a chicken for the meat. It really makes you sit back and think where seemingly simple things come from, and how much work really goes into it.

So go check it out, and subscribe. It is well worth it.


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