Sauerkraut Update

Notice the lack of updates? Sorry about that. Life has been weird and busy and… I’m Sorry.

The sauerkraut worked… But I had waaaaaayyyyyyyyy too much salt. So I ended up tossing it and forgot to get a picture of it before it went into the green bin.

That’s all 😕

I will try again once I catch up on all the things I have let pile up around the house. I have been slowly working on drying the herbs for my home grown Italian Seasoning, which is much more successful than the Sauerkraut! I know I keep promising I will be back soon… So here is another promise… I’ll be back soon! And again, I’m so sorry for the unannounced break in content.

I have started rambling and reviewing things over on a new blog: Yeti…Or Not 


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