Update on the Herbs (July 10/2015)

As you have read in the past, one of my gardening goals for the year is to grow and dry my own Italian seasoning mix.  So I diligently started all the herbs from seed, and they all sprouted and things were going great, and then I kind of neglected them, or over watered them… And the majority died from damping off or over watering, or general neglect… And I kept talking in run on sentances with lots of “…” and awkward pauses…

A handful did survive, and what didn’t make it, I replaced from healthy garden centre plants. So, I’ll start this update with the ones I grew from seed and then we’ll move on… And I’ll try again next year to grow them all from seed.


This is doing fantastic, so my cats will be happy… It has the added benefit of helping keep Mosquitos away…. And growing no matter how neglected it gets!

Parsley (flat and curled):

These take a while to germinate, so I almost gave up on them, but I’m glad I didn’t now. (Also, I didn’t realize how many bugs were on the parley when I snapped a quick picture with my phone.)


I just love the look of this herb and that is pretty much the only reason I am growing it… Maybe I’ll discover I like the taste of them this year…?


That’s all of the herbs I grew from seed, apart from a sad looking sage plant,  that I replaced with a garden centre one just in-case. And there are some different varieties of Basil deep in tomato island. However, I don’t want to disturb the spider webs this early in the morning to get their picture. I’m also not adding in pics of the Chives, they are done flowering which is the main reason I grow them… Onto the Garden Centre plants now:








Italian Oregano:


Sweet Marjoram: 


Summer Savory:

So my Italian Seasoning is looking like it should work out fantastic. Same with some home-grown Sage for the thanksgiving Turkey. So I’m pretty  excited. Next year I’ll be more diligent with the seed starting care… And add to my herb collection.


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