General Garden Update (July 8, 2015)

I thought I should give you a general update on everything. I think I’ll just go bed by bed and show you how everything is actually doing. Tomato Island had a bit of a quick revamp because everything was just getting too big and all tangled together. I still have some playing to do with it, but I’ll get more into that on it’s own update.
Also, please ignore our parching. I think that is what it is called. If everything goes as planned this year, that will get fixed in the fall, once everything is done growing.

Back Steps – Here are the container Peas, Chives, Cat Nip, Chocolate Mint, and the Tiny Tim Tomato.

 East Side of the House – This bed is my semi-3 Sisters bed that I was talking about in the last update. It has Sunflowers (which have shaded out all the direct sowed flowers, and the Moon Flowers unfortunatly), and they are doing fantastic! I can’t wait til they bloom. Right now, it seems like they are growing at least a few inches a day.
Next to them, along the back is the Broad Beans, then the Corn, and finally some climbing baby Butternut Squash. Infront of the squash and the corn is some mixed Bush Beans. Moving to the right of the Beans are some Zucchini and Sunburst Squash. Interplanted here is some lettuces which need to get harvested, and a row of mixed Carrots in the the front of the bed. Also, I plunked in a pot of Rosemary here.


Corner of the House – Here is the fennel that I planted from seed, some random flowers, a Sunburst Squash that Isn’t doing so great, and the Pinto Beans.

Back of the House (South) Far Right- We have Cucumbers. I’m having a hard time growing them, and figureing out the right amount of water for them. So they are struggling a little bit… We’ll chalk it up to a learning experiment this year. Just infront of the cucumbers are some Spring Onions that I started from seed this Spring. There were some Cauliflower in the front of the bed, but they were doing terrible, so I pulled them. Now some struggling discounted garden centre flowers are there… and some Thyme in a pot. This soil got the least amount of attention, and very little added to it. Next year I’ll fix that.

Back of the House (South) Middle – Here is the Peas in the back, then a row of red Onions, and the second planting of Shallots, that are all going to seed. I may give up on Shallots of they keep doing this to me. In the front of the Shallots is my earliest head of Romaine… That really needs to get turned into a Caesar Salad very soon!

Back of the House (South) Far Left – Here are the climbing Beans, with Shallots in front of them, and then strawberries in the front of the bed. Since the Squirrel took all my strawberries that were ripening, I am concentrating on getting more plants from the runners… But I’ll make a post about that soon.

Far side of the House – This is a semi-wild Area. I have my Mason Bee House here, and the Rhubarb. I was going to put a pumpkin along here, but I ran out of time to get the bed built… So maybe next year. There are also some new Delphiniums back here. I might get some Wildflower seed and make a little wild area for the bugs on this side of the house next year. (This is also my old compost pile area, that will be re-purposed for some Leaf Mould in the fall, once we have leaves to pile into it. 

Along The Shed – This is mainly for flowers, but I have some Swiss Chard and Perpetual Leaf-Beet in here, along with the Kohlrabi and Beets I planted early in April. Flowers in here are Delphinum, Lupin, Hollyhock, Foxglove, Rudbedkia, Lillies, Hyacinths, Daffoldils, etc. I want to turn it over completly to flowers, and maybe add in some Tulips this fall.

Salad Bed – The radishes started to bolt, so I pulled them, and we ate all the lettuce, so it is just the single remaining Cauliflower and an Earliana Cabbage left in here. Maybe I’ll add some more lettuce in for a later harvest soon too.

Greenhouse- Mostly for storage right now (because I havn’t cleaned it out), But I moved the Tumbler Tomato here, and it seems to be loving it. Also have some catnip, and the strawberries that I grew from SEED! (I’m so proud of them)

Tomato Island – You know all about it.

Asparagus Patch – I really need to get these mulched, but We’ll see if these survive the winter… If not, I think a sour cherry bush might make its way into that space.

Brassicas – You know these.

Fence Bed (Middle) – This is left of the Brassicas, and here we have the Leeks, and some lettuces. And a Geranium for random colour… There is also one ‘Enorma’ Runner Bean.

Fence Bed (Middle, moving left) – Here are the Kentucky Wonder Wax Pole Beans, with some Spinach in the middle, and some carrots in the front.

Fence Bed (Middle, moving father left) – Here are the Climbing Baby Butternut Squash, and some Marigolds I grew from seed. Inbetween the 2 squash is a row of Kohlrabi in the back, Spinach along the sides, carrots in the middle, and Beets in the front. Also, I have my bucket of parsley hanging out here.

Fence Bed (by Garage) – This is a row of mixed Bush Beans in the back, Then a row of carrots, and a row of Beets. With a tiny patch of Cosmos and other flowers from seed at the very end. The empty patch of dirt is for when we finally get to work on the patio… We’ll be going through there with the wheelbarrow.

Well, there is the yard, In a semi-state of disrepair… But it should look amazing in the fall. Keeping my fingers crossed that we find time to get this patio made!


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