Peas & Beans Update (July 6/2015)

I just finished a 5 day break from work, but head back today, so I thought I would get a post in before I get overwhelmed with all the things that didn’t get done while I was away. Just kidding, I’m sure everything is fine there.

The Peas in the container are doing well finally and starting to put on some growth. I’m not sure on which variety is in here, but I know it is a shorter more winter hardy one… Possibly ‘Alaska’

The taller climbing Peas are almost up to the top of our window sill, and are just starting to put some flowers out. These are a mix of ‘Sugar Snap’ and ‘Wando’ varieties.

The Broad Beans are starting to make little Beans. They were not as covered in flowers this year, so the crop won’t be huge… Or maybe they are just getting a slower start, but hopefully they are doing what I really want them to do and fixing some nitrogen so I can just dig the roots into the bed in the fall.

The Climbing Beans that I started in newspaper pots are doing amazing. I will have to remember to do this again next spring, because it really gave me a jump on the season. The 2 left canes are ‘Enorma’ Runner Beans, the middle 3 canes are ‘Cobra’ French Climbing Beans, and the 2 canes on the right are the purple climbing beans that I grew last year, ‘Trionfo Violetta’.

The Pinto Beans are doing well. They are starting to get flowers down close to the base of the plants. I am questioning whether we will have a long enough summer to get these to dry out enough to store. But we will find out I guess.

Along the fence, I have ‘Kentucky Wonder Wax’ Pole Beans. I direct-sowed them, so there should be a good succession of beans throughout the summer.

In the fence bed, I also did a random row of Bush Beans that I had from the past few years. There are some ‘Royal Burgundy,’ ‘Green Crop,’ ‘Tendergreen Improved,’ and ‘Contender.’ I don’t know which is which, and the only ones I will be able to tell apart are the Burgundy ones. Which, in the end doesn’t matter, as long as we get beans to eat.

In the bed by the house, I also have more bush beans. Same varieties as above, but also a few ‘Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco’ Bush beans. I have a semi-3 sisters thing happening in here with the corn and squash all near each other.

Well, that is all my Peas and Beans this year. I have a few things to change for next year, but that is always the case isn’t it? I hope the squirrel doesn’t like peas and beans as much as he likes Strawberries, otherwise I won’t have much of a crop to speak off.


One thought on “Peas & Beans Update (July 6/2015)

  1. The squirrels destroyed our strawberries too!! Little buggers! Your peas look great, we just picked our first batch for supper tonight – Sugar Sprint won at our house!!!

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