Tomato Update (June 30/2015)

The tomatoes are doing astonishingly well, so here is a quick update on them all.

Side note: I just picked up an ‘Epic’ eggplant plant for 99 cents the other day, so expect to see that in the next update of tomatoes or peppers… 

Tumbler: Still waiting for the first fruit to ripen so I can taste! But otherwise, this plant is COVERED in flowers and fruit, and depending on how they taste, this may become a favourite. It needs a good feeding but other than that, it should perk right up.

Yellow Pear: Fruit is setting and more flowers are starting! Pictures will be more exciting once these start to ripen and turn yellow. 

Principe Bourgese (that might be spelled wrong?): these were looking sad and sorry for themselves one day, and then I was watering and found some fruit set on them! So we’ll see how they end up tasting and if I get a dehydrator to make some “sun”-dried tomatoes with them.

Tiny Tim: this micro plant just makes me smile every time I see it. It has tons of flowers on it, and they are tiny just like the plant. The fruit is getting larger every day and it will be interesting to see how big the tomatoes end up.

Green Envy: much more vigorous growth on these this year, which is strange since they are outside, and last year was in a greenhouse. Either way I can’t wait to taste these again. They were such a treat and a surprise last year that they have a lot riding on their shoulders this year.

Chadwick’s Cherries: these are also doing well and keeping up with their Green Envy container-mates.

Mortgage lifter: The first flowers are starting to fade away, so we’ll see if fruit set yet. Maybe we’ll get a 2lb tomato this year?!?

Black Krim: No flowers just yet, but I think they’ll be out soon.

Cherokee Purple: First flowers are out and they are large! About the same size as the mortgage lifter’s flowers.

Marglobe: Has really recovered from the frost earlier in the spring. First flowers are out on it now too. 

Manitoba: first flowers are on… But the plant isn’t that large. I think this may be an early harvesting plant but not a huge harvesting plant…but it’s hardiness to the frost earlier in the spring is still working in its favour for my favourites list. I am curious to see next year, if I start these a little earlier and then harden them off in the little plastic greenhouse (since they proved to be so hardy), if I could get an earlier crop of tomatoes around this time of year?? I might have to try it an see how it goes. I also want to get my hands on some ‘Sub Arctic Plenty’ seeds to try the same thing.



San Marzano: I had ALMOST given up on these after the frost hit them, but they have bounced back and are really vigorous plants now. 
Next update soon! We are having a bit of a heat wave, which is hopefully followed by a bit of rainy weather. Everything in the ground should start growing much better.


2 thoughts on “Tomato Update (June 30/2015)

  1. Wow! Tomato Island looks wonderful – you will have to have a taste testing update once the fruit is ripe!! You have some neat varieties planted, looking forward to your updates!

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