Salad Bed Update


This is my salad bed planter. My fiancé built it for me last year. It’s awesome because it is raised up off the ground, so it warms up faster in the spring… And no dog pee gets on the food. However in full sun in the summer, it dries out way too fast, so I moved it to the shady side of the yard this year for lettuces and fast growing things. There is sun here in the morning until about 10am, then dappled shade for the rest of the day. 

Right now, it has 3 varieties of radish, 3 almost-heads of ‘Marvel of 4 Seasons’ Heritage lettuce, a cauliflower and an ‘Earliana’ cabbage. 


The ‘watermelon’ radish will need a lot longer in here, so their smaller size is not concerning me. The leaves are about 6-8 inches tall. Last year when I grew these, they just bolted and didn’t make an edible root at all. So fingers crossed for these. I’d like to try to pickle them if I get any that are edible. 

I can’t remember if these are scarlet globe or cherry belle radishes but I may have planted them a little too late. I am afraid that they are going to bolt before putting any size on their roots. This is the biggest one of the bunch, and that stem looks like it’s all about making seed…

  The French Breakfast radishes however are doing fantastic. I may end up with the same problem as the red ones above, but right now I have a few that are heading towards a harvestable size. I personally like the taste of these better as they are a little more mild.

The cabbage is starting to begin making a head:

The cauliflower is not getting eaten by cabbage worms because this planter is netted! But really needs the radishes and lettuces out of its growing space…

And just for the sake of this blog post (and my lunch today), (…and the cauliflowers better interests) I am harvesting one of my almost-heads of lettuce: 


I’ll try and get the rest of the updates done and posted soon. Hope your gardens are all growing wonderfully too!


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