Help with Identifying and Dealing with Garden Pests

After finding my delphiniums defiled and a fly sitting on the destruction the other evening, I began scouring the Internet for tips on what to do. Ultimately I have decided to go with a garlic/hot pepper/dish soap spray that I am making in the kitchen now… I will let it have its own post if it does any help.


All I could find in my limited googling of that fly above is that maybe it is a confused/vegetarian Blow fly? Does anyone have any entomology knowledge? All I know is that it is super gross and I haven’t had a problem like this before.

I found these big ugly green caterpillars this evening on them too but didn’t have my phone to take a picture. (I plucked them off and threw them into the road hoping the birds find them, or they find a more suitable home, since they are not invited to live here)

The garlic spray I mentioned above will also be used on my Pak Choi. There is something eating them as well… Possibly Flea Beetles? I haven’t had a chance to get super close and investigate. Whatever it is is just leaving holes in the leaves and not ruining the whole plant. Any tips?  


I haven’t gotten a photo of it, but the black squirrels in my neighbourhood are another pest. I’m hoping the hot peppers in the spray will discourage them.

I am determined to not use chemical sprays to get rid of a tiny problem. I want to just find a way to discourage the things I don’t want, and keep the things I do… Like the bumble bees that enjoy my Lupine: 

 I really hope my garlic spray will help me alleviate my current pest situation, and that I can share it with you soon.  Any identifying assistance you could give me would be so helpful, just leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I see it.

Hope everyone is enjoying the gardening season! We have finally been getting some much needed rain AND I got all the seeds in the ground! The race is on between the first strawberry and the first cherry tomato. It’s just a case of who will turn red and ripen first.


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