Glacial Rock Dust Review (Part 1)

I’ve been hearing about how great rock dust is for your soil… Feed your soil to feed your plants to feed yourself. So when I saw some Glacial Moraine Rock Dust in the garden centre, I treated myself. I guess technically, I used the birthday money my grandma gave me to treat myself… so Thanks Grandma!

This is the stuff I bought. It is made by a company called Gaia Green.. I also bought their organic all-purpose fertilizer, so I’ll try and get another post done about that.

So far, this product is easy to use, and I like the idea that I am adding to my soil, and that the food we get from the garden will have the trace minerals that I am adding right now. Ultimately, you’ll have to keep watching the blog to see how my garden is growing. I have just been adding a little to every planting hole, or mixing in a little into the container soil. Whether or not I am actually adding new trace minerals into my diet this way (via the vegetables I am growing in it) is yet to be determined (and honestly, probably will never be, because I won’t be sending any samples away to labs and being scientific). I am happy with this product thus far, and we will see what the season brings. It is also nice to find a sort-of local source of the stuff, rather than finding some that has been shipped halfway across the world.

After a little youtubing on the subject, there seems to be two different sides. One side, that is all about helping improve your soil with the rock dust, and another that is all about proving how ineffective rock dust is. I’ll let you search for yourself and make up your own mind. Personally, I am happy with my purchase, and interested to watch my soil and plants this year. My soil is just what was here just growing grass, and I feel it needs a little extra help for all the vegetables I am trying to cram into it now. *I* feel good about *MY* choice to put this into *MY* soil to grow *MY* food. I would also recommend it to any of my friends looking to start a garden from the soil they already have. If you don’t have the same feelings, then don’t buy the stuff. Live and let live.


(NOTE: Part 2 will happen at the end of the growing season)



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