Tomato Update (Early May 2015)




I figured it was about time I did an update on the tomatoes.

They are way overdue to go outside, but outside isn’t ready for them just yet.

I’ll go through the update by variety, as I need to get the tomatoes all sorted out anyway. So I went out to start the hardening off process, sort through the tomatoes, and get some pictures for this post… If only it had been that easy. Tomatoes started toppling over, and started to break from the top weight. So I decided to move them out to the greenhouse to start getting used to the night temperatures (with candle heat to keep the frost off) and for the extra growing room in there for them. The cherry tomato varieties will still be in the kitchen for another week or two, depending on the night time temperatures.

Mortgage Lifter

Sown: March 7

These started off a little spindly and slow, but then they took off. I potted one up, and we’ll see how they take to this  new change of scenery.

Black Krim

Sown: March 7

I mixed these up with my Black Russian seeds last year, so I’m excited to see (and taste) these this year.

Cherokee Purple

Sown: March 7

I probably grew these last year, but I have no way of knowing forsure, as they came from a rainbow pack of seeds.


Sown: March 7

These gave us a huge harvest in the greenhouse last year, and also did well out in the cold at my Mom’s house. So this year in my backyard, I am hoping to get a good harvest from them again. One bent over, as I mentioned in the begining of this post, and I am crossing my fingers that it will survive. The damage didn’t seem too bad, so hopefully they will keep growing.

San Marzano

Sown: March 7

I had such high hopes for these last year, and only one plant out of 6 actually grew to produce any tomatoes. This year, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can get a decent harvest. I really want to make my own tomato sauce with these for next winter if we have a big enough harvest.


Sown: March 23

Pretty excited to try this hardy variety. I potted these up today after the big tomato disaster. They didn’t fall over, as they are the youngest plants out of the lot, but they needed something different. They are out in the greenhouse now too, and should be fine since they are hardy.


Getting into the cherry tomatoes now, I actually got some pictures of these individually. Not great photography, but at least something to judge the differences in the plants.

Principe Borghiese

Sown: March 22

Don’t ask me how to pronounce this, because I have no idea, but they are the tomatoes typically made into sun dried tomatoes. I thought they were worth a shot, and hopefully they can handle our weird and wonderful Alberta weather.

Tumbler F1

Sown: March 22

I am pretty excited about these. They are bred for hanging baskets, and the trusses of tomatoes tumble over the sides of the container. We’ll see how they taste… and if I can keep them watered in the hot sun. I planted one in the hanging basket I will be keeping it in and moved it out to the greenhouse. The other plant will be in the kitchen window until I can take it to my mom.

Yellow Pear

Sown: March 22

These were awesome last year, so I had to give them another shot this year. They are leggy, but should do fine once they go in their final containers. One of these is destined for my best friend Cal.


Tiny Tim

Sown: March 22

I am pretty excited about these too. This is the variety my mom and I would usually pick up from the garden centre when I was a little girl. While the other plants are all shooting up and getting super leggy, these are staying as nice, compact plants. Depending on the taste, I will probably sow more than just two plants of these for next year.


Green Envy

Sown: March 22

These were the stars of the taste test last year, so I HAD to grow them again. The foliage is quite delicate, and you expect that the plant wont produce much, and then you get these wonderful little green tomatoes, that taste phenomenal. Again, they are leggy, but should do great once in their final containers.

Chadwick’s Cherries

Sown: March 22

This is another new variety so we will see how it goes. I couldn’t stop myself from picking up another new tomato to try this year, and I have zero expectations about this one.


To read the original tomato posts from this year, click these links: Beefsteak/Paste, and Cherry. You won’t read about the Manitoba variety there, as I sowed them after I was a little too rough with one of San Marzano seedlings, and killed it. To make myself feel better, I sowed some Manitoba seeds.

Now hopefully I won’t have to write about a mass tomato disaster in the following nights of the tomatoes being in the greenhouse.

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